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Welcome to The Compass Tree.

Hi, my name is Alex. I'd like to explain a little about who I am and why I do what I do.

About 15 years ago. I had an incident whilst driving that meant I could no longer ignore a really severe phobia of heights. I drove into the path of an oncoming lorry to get away from the drop at the side of my car. The seemingly irrational thing was I was avoiding a drop of only three foot, but in that split second I instinctively felt safer heading for a collision than risking falling off the edge.

I also suffered from severe social anxiety. Eventually giving up work as I found being around people too stressful. I couldn't cope in venues I was not familiar with and used alcohol as a coping strategy.

I was also overweight. Despite being 6'6'' and having a lot of height to distripute excess weight across I was clinically obese. At my heaviest weighing just short of 21 Stone. I had a 48 inch waist and was size 13 shoes.

I am an expert energy psychologist and trainer, a Master hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner and life coach. I specialize in helping people do just that. Easily lose weight and overcome anxiety and fear.

I managed to turn my life around completely. I lost over 6 stone and 14 inches around my waist. I have overcome several severe phobias, including heights. I am also now calm and at ease socially in all manor of events and venues. I frequently speak publically in workshops and trainings. Which would have been impossible before hand.

I absolutely believe change is possible. I've done it and so can you.

I also believe:

•     No matter how many times you have tried to achieve something, change is still possible

•     Therapy doesn't have to be traumatic

•     If your subconscious mind is in line with your conscious one, change is inevitable

•     Successful and sustained change can only happen once you change your beliefs.

•     The mind is an incredible thing. It always believes it is doing the best it can for you, even if it doesn't seem that way

•     Hypnotherapy is not what you have seen on the tv.

At no point will you lose control or reveal anything you dont want to

•     Change can happen without reliving any past event or trauma

•     The time it takes to change has no relation to the time you have carried an issue

•     I am really good at what I do, but I am not the right choice for everyone,

that is why I offer a free no obligation consultation.

•     The beliefs that keep an issue in place range from the very simple to the complex and layered.

It is not always possible to tell which is present until we start.

•     No one therapy approach suits everybody. That's why I am trained in over 6 different styles and techniques.

•     A lot of change work can be done by yourself,

sometimes it takes working with a skilled practitioner to see subjectively what is really going on.

•     Often the presenting issue is a symptom of an underlying belief.

It is important to target those beliefs if real change is to happen.

•     The more negative beliefs and limitations you clear from your life, the better your life becomes.

As you have found your way to my site this page, I imagine you will probably be looking for a new approach to something you have already tried to deal with several times on your own. If you feel now could do with a helping hand to point you in the right direction. Be that either Lose weight. Or to get over feeling Anxious, A Phobia or a past trauma the keeps playing through your mind.

Or maybe you're curious about the techniques I use and would like to attend a training or a workshop

If that's true you've made it to the right place.

So Click on the most appropriate link and learn how I can help you.

If you would like to read more about my story, to get to know more about why I do what I do .