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Weight Loss

Have you tried several times already to lose weight?

Do you often end up heavier than before you started to diet?

Are you fed up with feeling deprived when you diet?

Do you think you will start exercising as soon as you have lost enough weight?

Are you embarrassed about your body?

Have you ever been completely motivated and determined to lose weight but find yourself eating something you don't even particularly want?

Do you make holiday decisions based on avoiding having to feel exposed?

Do you notice your level of cravings go up as soon as you start a diet?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then let me assure you before I started to use the techniques on myself I answered yes to all of these questions, many, many times.

How would like instead to:

     •          Imagine being able to lose the weight without needing will power at all.

     •          Feel confident about the food choices you make.

     •          Feel confident about the way you look.

     •          Imagine what it would be like to live in the body you really want.

     •          Step off the hamster wheel of yo-yo diets.

     •          Step into the body you want.

     •          Imagine what it would be like to be able to feel amazing in the clothes you choose to wear.

     •          Boost your libido and start to enjoy your body.

If you've already read my home page you'll know the basics about a conscious and subconscious mind.

So, bear with me a second whilst I explain the one simple fact that will help you on your new journey to body success. You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind is great, it is where will-power lives. but the sad thing is it only makes up roughly 5-15% of the whole picture. Your subconscious mind is responsible for the other 85-95%. If for any reason your subconscious mind doesn't want you to lose weight, guess which mind is going to win? Bingo, will-power hits the floor every time and the subconscious takes over.

I would like you to imagine a thermostat. With a maximum and minimum temperature setting. Anywhere between those two parameters is your temperature “comfort zone”. When it gets too cold and the temperature drifts out of the comfort zone the boiler kicks in to make any adjustments needed to return it to the desired setting. Now, you may have no idea but, even as you are reading you're your subconscious is operating a kind of thermostat for each aspects of your life. Including your weight. Without knowing you have a setting for the maximum and minimum weight your subconscious has determined is your bodies 'comfort zone'. The irony being that this subconscious setting may totally contradict what you consciously want your body to be like. The problem with most dieting is, it is a conscious attempt to change your body weight without addressing the subconscious beliefs about what is acceptable and safe for you to weigh. If you have ever attempted to lose weight before using will power alone. I am pretty sure you will have found yourself eating things you didn't even want and questioned why you were doing it. That is the thermostat kicking in. Trying to get you back into the comfort zone. Changing your weight without first adjusting your weight thermostat range is fighting a losing battle. Your subconscious will kick in, you'll find yourself over eating, drinking, giving up any exercise even if you consciously really want to 'be good'.

Now, At this point I imagine you are thinking that is all very well and good, but it makes no sense, why would your subconscious mind seem to want to achieve the exact opposite of what it is you want consciously. Over time and throughout my training I have discovered the top reasons people unknowingly sabotage their weight success goals. Join me on a workshop or contact me for personal one to one sessions to release your own hidden limiting beliefs about weight.

Here are a few examples of how your subconscious mind might be preventing you successfully lose weight.

I can't afford new clothes anyway!

My friends might not like me if I am thin and they are not

I refuse to deny myself the stuff I like, why should I?

Food makes me feel good, without it I will be miserable?

I've failed before, I don't want to risk failing again!

I've worked hard, I deserve a treat!

I've ruined my diet today I might as well eat the rest of the biscuits anyway!

Believe me these statements are all coming form my own experience of dieting in the past and what my clients repeatedly say.

Let me get one thing clear. I am not a nutritionist. Most people who contact me already know exactly how to lose weight, want to lose weight, they just aren't doing it.

Would you like to know how to adjust your thermostat and set it to slim. for good?

Would you like your subconscious to work with you to lose weight instead of against you?

Would you like to know how to eliminate cravings and emotional eating?

I Can show you how to do that, by showing you how to change your beliefs. Once that is done the weight loss is inevitable.

I will guide you on a journey to discover your hidden values and beliefs that have kept you from your ideal weight until now. And then replace them with new beliefs that will have your subconscious working with you instead of against you. For good.

I know it can be done. I have done it for myself and helped many clients achieve the same things.

I personally lost 6 stone

Reduced my waist by 14 inches

and even reduced my shoe size from a 13 to 11.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about anything to do with your weight loss goals and how I might be able to help, please fill out the contact sheet and I will get back to you soon

Let me repeat the good bits again.

The truth about weight is simple. If you consciously want to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy but find yourself sabotaging diets, avoiding exercise and procrastinating about starting, there is something going on subconsciously that is holding you back from your goal.

I can help you change your beliefs so you never need to diet and fail again.

All beliefs can be changed. Once you change your beliefs, you won't ever need to feel like you are being good or bad when you eat again. Once your subconscious mind believes being your ideal weight is the best thing for you, there will be no stopping you.

I can teach you how to overcome your cravings and emotional eating easily so you reach the point you never find yourself cheating a diet again

The work I do works along side your existing weight loss routines, but with your subconscious mind working with you instead of against you.