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What is tapping?

Tapping or Emotional freedom technique is a simple easy to learn and easy to apply technique that can help elimate negative feelings, doubts, anxiety and fear. It was devised by an engineer called Gary Craig in the late 1980's and has been used to help thousands and thousands of people all over the world. It combines ancient Eastern wisdom of energy systems in the body with the best of western Psychology and talk therapies. Until recently the scientific and health world only had anecdotal evidence from many source to validate the success of the technique. Now however more and more neurological evidence is being produced that suggests the techniques successes are valid. The calming of fear and stress whilst tapping can be monitored in real time.

Do you always use hypnosis with clients?

No, I have a range of highly efficient techniques I only use what each client is really comfortable with. Hypnosis is only one of those techniques, more often than not I don't use it at all.

Will I lose control in hypnosis?

No, many people are shocked that they felt more in control in a trance than out of it. Hypnosis is a natural state. You are guided to focus your attention not to relinquish it.

There are no cases of anyone ever coming to any harm in hypnosis in this country whether for entertainment or therapeutic means. Hypnosis is a very natural state; when you enter it, it will feel familiar to you. Most people report afterwards to have felt ultimately relaxed and aware throughout the whole process.

Is it possible to not come out of hypnosis?

No, three things happen in hypnosis. Your imagination is heightened, you are relaxed, and your critical mind is quieted. All of these three things happen although not simultaneously to us every day. We come in and out of these states naturally and hypnosis deliberately combines all three states in order to make personal change possible. It's a natural state of heightened awareness. We experience it many times naturally over the course of a week. The brain won't keep you in that state for prolonged periods, and will naturally bring you safely out of it. Basically you will either fall asleep because you are so relaxed, or you will come round the same way as you come out of an intense daydream, either way, you will come out of it.

     Is it true some people can't be hypnotised?

If you absolutely do not want to be hypnotised the chances of it happening to you are slim. The other techniques I use do not use deep trance work and are equally as effective if you would rather not be put into a deep trance.

Certain types of Hypnosis aren't for everyone. There are two main schools of hypnosis, direct and indirect. One style may suit you more for one issue and another for something else. And most hypnotists would not want you to know this but in a very small percentage of occasions it doesn't work. That doesn't mean to say it never will as there are many influencing factors.

At The Compass Tree hypnosis is one of the techniques we combine to get you to the results you want: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Logosynthesis, Matrix Reimprinting, Time-Line Therapy and Nuero-Linguistic Programming are other tools I use to support you to achieve your desired results.

     What is EFT and how does it work?

Your mind and body operate on many different levels. Your mind is divided into conscious and subconscious. Physically, you have an energy system running through your system all the time, along what is known as your meridian system.

The Ancient Chinese culture believed the energy flow along this system of channels was the flow of life, Chi. Modern Science has found evidence of this system and the links it has to physical and mental well-being.† Several well-being approaches use an awareness of this energy to help people make positive changes. Acupuncture, for example, works by stimulating points along this system with needles.

With EFT you'll be glad to know the same work without the needles. If you are slightly dubious about the reality of this system, as many people are, pause for a moment and imagine something that would give you a rush of excitement or even fear. The sensation you just felt in your body is that energy moving. Science is also beginning to prove the link between any disruption to the flow of energy throughout the system and imbalance in life, disharmony, discomfort and even dis-ease.

When working with EFT we use the conscious mind to deliberately focus on an issue. Simultaneously we tap on the skin to stimulate the “stuck' negative energy and release it from the body. This in turn utilises the subconscious mind to bring up anything else that is relevant to help overcome your issue.

     If the techniques you use are so effective why do you use more than one?

As mentioned earlier, I believe in getting the best results for you, in the shortest time possible. Traditional talk therapy uses the conscious mind. Hypnosis uses the deep subconscious mind.

EFT uses a combination of conscious, light subconscious and your energy system.

By utilising all three aspects, we at The Compass Tree aim to get the results you want more deeply, more quickly and more efficiently than coaches and therapists who use just one technique.

     I've had hypnosis before and it didn't work, so why would it work this time?

Many hypnotherapist, learn one technique for hypnotising. If they don't continue to develop their skills and learn other methods, they will get results with some clients, but not all. It would be like going to a hairdresser that knows how to cut one style. It will suit some but not all the people who go there. You may also have a belief that hypnosis is not the right approach for you. Either way There are many alternative ways to help you achieve the same success.

The truth is there are many ways to hypnotise someone, my job as the hypnotist is to make sure I tailor my techniques to you. Also, a lot of hypnotists, never actually induce hypnosis, they just relax the client. Relaxation is not hypnosis. Yes it does work in some cases but not many. If I am using hypnosis with you during a session, I prove to you, you are hypnotised. You will have no doubt it has happened.

     How many sessions will it take?

I am often asked this question when I first speak to clients. The honest answer is I can not tell you before we start working. Some people have more to clear than others in order to have life changing experiences. If your results are taking longer than expected it is usually because you have layers that need clearing. I think of it like Kerplunk. For some of you all the marbles fall after pulling one stick out, for others the marbles don't shift much until a few more sticks are pulled.

I have had many clients clear there issue in one session but this is not always the case and should not be expected. I promise to do everything in my power to help you clear your issue for good, I always like to see clients more than once, to consolidate the work and make any adjustments that need making to help the subconscious mind realign with new behaviours, patterns and beliefs. I recommend booking up to six sessions so you have them in your diary. Once the work is done and consolidated, you may choose not to come to and obviously pay for the last few.

Because I teach you techniques that you can use on yourself you can work on your own issues between sessions. This saves you time and money and allows you to keep control of your own road to success. I have no interest in having clients depending on me to make change, My role is to guide you through your own change not lead you to it. Whilst I always aim to take the minimum number of sessions, it is important for some issues to take more time to deal with all aspects of the issue.

     Can I bring someone with me?

You may bring someone with you if you wish. I recommend you bring a neutral person, as you never know what you may want to bring up during a session. Family member are not always the best people to have around as it may inhibit you and your results.

     How can it work over the phone or on Skype?

Hypnosis, EFT and other methods work great over the phone or web-cam. With EFT you would tap along on the points as directed throughout the session. Many thousands of people worldwide use phone sessions to achieve great results. Some people prefer it as they feel more relaxed in their own environment and find it more convenient.

     Do I need to believe it will work in order for it to be successful?

It doesn't seem to make any difference if you believe it will work or not. I've had the most cynical clients from all walks of life achieve amazing results. Some even told me later, they were determined it wouldn't work for them!

     Do you work with children and teenagers?

Yes, i have a lot of experience working with children from the age of 10, I have over 12 years professional experience as a teacher. I have been lucky enough to help hundreds of children overcome anxiety using EFT in group sessions as well as individually.

If you have any other questions please do not hestitate to drop me a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible